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What Types of Supplemental Coverage Can I Add to My Professional Liability Coverage?

The potential for errors, omissions, and disputes is ever-present when practicing law, and even the most meticulous attorneys are bound to make mistakes. Whether you’re establishing a new firm or safeguarding an established one, you want to ensure your professional liability coverage will adequately protect you against these unforeseen risks. Investing in the right supplemental coverage options provides you with peace of mind while you focus on delivering effective legal counsel to your clients.


Why Basic Professional Liability Insurance May Not Be Enough

Professional liability insurance, often called malpractice insurance, is a fundamental safeguard for lawyers, protecting against negligence claims, errors, or omissions in the services they provide. However, relying only on basic professional liability insurance may leave significant gaps in your coverage, potentially exposing you to unanticipated risks. Here’s why basic professional liability insurance may not be enough for comprehensive protection:

  • Limited Scope of Coverage – Basic professional liability insurance primarily covers claims related to specific professional services. This means it may not extend to other potential risks of running a law firm or additional services your firm offers.
  • High-Value Claims – In the event of a high-value claim that exceeds the limits of your basic professional liability policy, you may face significant out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Specific Policy Exclusions – Every insurance policy includes exclusions and particular conditions defining what is covered by the policy. Basic professional liability insurance might exclude certain types of claims or have conditions that limit its applicability. For example, it may not cover claims arising from intentional wrongdoing or certain high-risk activities. Having additional coverage can help fill these gaps.
  • Specialized Practice Areas – If your practice involves specialized areas such as intellectual property, basic professional liability insurance may not fully cover the risks associated with these fields. Specialized coverage tailored to these practice areas can protect against unique risks and liabilities.


The Importance of Supplemental Coverage for Lawyers

As a lawyer, your professional liability insurance forms the cornerstone of your risk management strategy. Obtaining supplemental coverage is crucial for maintaining comprehensive protection for your legal practice because it offers:

  • Adequate coverage for specific services
  • Reduced potential out-of-pocket costs
  • Additional protection and peace of mind


Available Supplemental Coverage for Wisconsin Lawyers

Adding relevant, supplemental coverage to your professional liability policy is easy. Fill out the applications here for supplemental coverage that includes:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Coverage – Attorneys who provide IP services know that IP law involves specific risks that standard professional liability policies don’t typically cover, making this coverage type critical for any attorney or firm practicing IP law.
  • Abstracter and Title Insurance Agent Coverage – Lawyers who also work as abstracters or title insurance agents can purchase this coverage with no added premiums. Still, the title insurance agent must have a valid license and be in good standing with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance of Wisconsin.


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What Types of Supplemental Coverage Can I Add to My Professional Liability Coverage?