Cyber Liability Coverage

Are you prepared if your clients’ confidential information is compromised?

Law firms are not immune to privacy data breaches

As an attorney, your clients trust you with confidential information. For criminals, getting their hands on your clients’ financial records, social security numbers, depositions and medical history is extremely valuable.

And not all data breaches are caused by computer hackers—claims can be the result of stolen equipment, negligence on your part or that of your employees or independent contractors and IT failures. With legal professionals often taking work home and storing client data on mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops, it is critical to put sufficient protection in place.


Introducing an affordable solution: Aon CyberBusinessPro

Aon CyberBusinessPro, in connection with BIZLOCK Insurance Services, has arranged access to a comprehensive solution that focuses on prevention, protection and response. The product offers three important areas of protection: risk management tools to help mitigate losses, cyber liability coverage to help protect you from litigation and remediation benefits to help you respond to an incident.


Privacy data breaches reported by legal professionals

  • Hackers used malware to break into the computers of a California law firm, stealing client names, social security numbers and drivers’ license numbers.
  • Sensitive client files related to the physical and sexual abuse of juveniles were found in a public newspaper recycling bin. The files were improperly disposed of by a Florida law firm.
  • A memory stick containing sensitive personal information was purchased at a Texas pawn shop. The stick was traced back to a law office in Texas.

Did you know?

  • The average cost for a privacy data breach in the U.S. is $225 per compromised record
  • 47% of privacy breaches are due to criminal activity, 28% employee error, and 25% system errors
  • Cloud providers typically deploy security controls to protect their data environment, but organizations are responsible for protecting their own data in the cloud

“As breaches are becoming all too commonplace, U.S. businesses can’t afford to ignore protecting the valuable, sensitive data they have been entrusted with.”
– Phillip Dunkelberger, CEO, PGP Corporation


Aon CyberBusinessProSM

Prevention – Risk Management Resources with Breach Protection

Aon CyberBusinessPro helps you prevent a privacy data breach by providing you with resources to act proactively, allowing you to put systems and procedures into place to help reduce your exposures. The program includes a Human Resources Module, Information Security Module with important policies, and a Technology Module having proactive risk mitigation tools—all combined with breach expense protection. Help reduce your risks with computer vulnerability scans, risk self-assessments and more.

Protection – Cyber Liability and Defense Coverage

If a privacy data breach results in allegations of negligence and litigation, Aon CyberBusinessPro offers cyber liability insurance protection, including coverage for claims expenses and defense costs, loss/theft of personal and/or business data, regulatory fines and penalties, failure to disclose/notify per breach notification laws, cyber extortion, PCI fines, media liability and more.

Response – Breach Services and Remedies with Incident Response On-Demand™

Nearly all states in the U.S. have enacted legislation requiring the notification of individuals affected by a privacy data breach. To assist with remediation, Aon CyberBusinessPro includes 24/7 Incident Response On-Demand that provides access to important resources and remedies. When combined with other insurance coverage intended for forensic expenses, notifications, legal fees, credit monitoring and more, your peace of mind is supported while your breach risks are mitigated.

Program Highlights and Rates*


Program Highlights

Aon Cyber 250 Aon Cyber 500

Aon Cyber 1000

Risk Management Resources with Breach Protection**

Silver Level Risk Mitigation

with breach protection up to $125,000 ($1,000 Retention)

Gold Level Risk Mitigation

with breach protection up to $250,000 ($1,000 Retention)

Platinum Level Risk Mitigation

with breach protection up to $500,000 ($1,000 Retention)

Data Risk Liability Insurance and Defense Coverage

up to $250,000

($1,000 Retention)

up to $500,000

($1,000 Retention)

up to $1,000,000

($1,000 Retention)

Incident Response On-Demand™ X X





Gross Sales

Annual Rates

Aon Cyber 250

Aon Cyber 500

Aon Cyber 1000

Up to $1,000,000

$349 $499


$1,000,001 – $2,500,000

$399 $549


$2,500,001 – $5,000,000

$549 $699


$5,000,001 – $7,500,000

$749 $899


$7,500,001 – $10,000,000***

$949 $1,199



*Program is not available in NY.

**Risk management resources and breach expense protection benefits vary depending on program risk mitigation level and as subject to the IFI Customer Agreement and IFI Breach Expense Protection Agreement that provides up to $500,000 for separate limits for ebusiness network interruption and data reconstruction. Terms may vary by state.

***For eligibility and rates for annual gross sales in excess of $10 million and/or 51 FTEs (including independent contractors), please call 1.800.695.2970.


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