Risk Management in Legal Practice

In a profession where every word can hold significant weight, the importance of risk management in legal practice cannot be overstated. For legal practitioners, understanding and mitigating risks is pivotal not only for their own protection but also for safeguarding the interests of their clients and ensuring the smooth operation of the justice system. In […]

Whoosh! There Goes Another Deadline

In the fast-paced legal world, missing deadlines can lead to serious consequences for both lawyers and clients. Matthew M. Beier underscores the importance of leveraging technology to manage these deadlines, but emphasizes that proper implementation and training are crucial for success. Missed deadlines, while sometimes a result of technological hiccups, can often be circumvented with […]

Managing Risk Whose File Is It Anyway?

The seemingly clear rule that files belong to clients, not to their lawyers, can quickly become murky after a client dies, especially when the files at issue concern estate planning.

The Dangers of Dabbling

A large number of malpractice claims arise from lawyers taking on matters for which they lack experience or knowledge. Here are some things to know about dabbling, with a focus on three practice areas: immigration, bankruptcy and collections, and real estate.

Claims Digest: COVID-19 and Executing Documents

Several of WILMIC’s insured attorneys and others have questioned how to formally execute documents without being in the physical presence of the signatory during the COVID-19 pandemic.