Frequent Claims Issues

The Dangers of Dabbling

A large number of malpractice claims arise from lawyers taking on matters for which they lack experience or knowledge. Here are some things to know about dabbling, with a focus on three practice areas: immigration, bankruptcy and collections, and real estate.

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Top OLR Complaints: Grievances on the Rise

Grievances filed with the Office of Lawyer Regulation are rising. Knowing the practice areas and types of errors most often complained about can alert you to vulnerabilities in your practice so you can prevent mistakes and problems.

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Reduce Your Malpractice Risk in 2018

Getting the new year off to a good start might go a long way toward having a successful and prosperous 2018, so let’s review 2017 malpractice claims that came into WILMIC so you can determine ways in which you might want to improve your practice in 2018.

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Avoid Frequent Malpractice Risks in 2014

Lawyers might unintentionally expose themselves to malpractice liability through insufficient caution or lack of care with case-management details in many situations, including when settling claims, helping clients with business deals, or failing to comply with statutes of limitation.

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