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Each year, WILMIC holds a Summer Seminar, a Fall Seminar and many other programs that present timely and relevant information for lawyers looking for ways to improve their practice.

If you have any questions on the topics presented below, or would like to be a presenter at a future seminar, please contact Matt Beier either via e-mail or at (800) 373-3839.

Free CLE Friday with WILMIC
“The Impact of AI/ChatGPT on Lawyers & Related Ethical Issues”

Will AI enhance a lawyer’s practice, or does it represent an existential threat to the practice of law altogether? What ethical considerations exist for lawyers who choose to embrace new AI technology? WILMIC’s Matt Beier and Atty. Stacie Rosenzweig explore different perspectives and discuss the real ethical dilemmas created by the use of AI and ChatGPT.

Free CLE Friday: "OLR - Inside the Black Box"

Director of Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation, Timothy Samuelson, and Deputy Director, Francis Sullivan, join Matt Beier for the first WILMIC Free CLE Friday of 2023.  During the presentation “OLR – Inside the Black Box”, they discuss OLR’s 2021-2022 Annual Report, related Supreme Court Rules, case studies from other jurisdictions, and the status of OLR’s petition to revise the Rule of Professional Conduct regarding attorney trust accounts, SCR 20:1.15.

2022 WILMIC Winter Seminar - "Hey, That's Mine! Avoiding Legal Malpractice & Ethical Considerations in Estate Planning, Family Law & Marital Agreements"

Attorney Marta Meyers and Attorney Michael Maas join WILMIC’s Matt Beier and Brian Anderson to discuss Estate Planning and Family Law topics such as marital assets, custody, procedural and substantive fairness, distribution of assets, wills and trusts, and probate.

2022 WILMIC Summer Seminar - Ethical and Malpractice Issues for the Criminal Defense Attorney

Peyton Engel, Andrew Martinez and Cole Ruby join WILMIC’s Matt Beier and Brian Anderson on panels discussing ineffective assistance of counsel, Machner Hearings, and the “Actual Innocence” rule and its history in Wisconsin.

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