Building a Strong Attorney-Client Relationship

Hiring the wrong attorney can make or break a case. Likewise, it is important for attorneys to be selective about the cases they take and the clients they work with. Keep these three aspects in mind to build a solid attorney-client relationship: Practice Effective Communication One of the most critical aspects of an attorney-client relationship is […]

The Dangers of Dabbling

A large number of malpractice claims arise from lawyers taking on matters for which they lack experience or knowledge. Here are some things to know about dabbling, with a focus on three practice areas: immigration, bankruptcy and collections, and real estate.

State Bar Offers Directionfor Lawyers Working at Home

The challenges of attorneys working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic is a top priority for the State Bar of Wisconsin. The April 2020 issue of the Bar’s bi-weekly newsletter InsideTrack offers some great articles and resources.

Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Malpractice Claim

You can reduce the chances of being among the many lawyers who have to use their malpractice insurance by integrating these risk-education approaches into your practice.