Understanding 4 Common Cybersecurity Risks Facing Wisconsin Law Firms

In the legal industry, data is everything. Client information, case files, and attorney-client communications are just some of the sensitive data that law firms handle on a daily basis. With all of this data comes a heightened responsibility to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. Unfortunately, law firms are increasingly becoming targets of devastating […]

Risk Management Minute – VPNs

Do you know exactly what a VPN is? Do you know exactly what they are capable of? Here are some answers from “Free-CLE Fridays With WILMIC” on cyber security and technology, provided to WILMIC policyholders.

National Cyber Security Month!

What better way to stay safe on the web than with Cyber Liability Insurance? So, celebrate National Cyber Security Month by purchasing the insurance you have always needed!   NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS MONTH – October

WILMIC Cyber Liability Insurance

Whether you are a new attorney or an attorney with over 20 years of experience, the world wide web is becoming a habitable space for hackers. Hackers infiltrate into attorney’s sites because attorneys have personal information about their clients such as social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and birth dates. Therefore, cyber insurance is vital […]

Scams and Hackers: They’re Not Going Away!

Cyber criminals might be here to stay, but lawyers and law firms should not put down welcome mats for them. Learn how to protect your firm and its electronic assets from scammers and hackers.