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In WILMIC’s last Claims Digest, my colleague, Senior Claims Attorney Brian Anderson, explored the effects of the pandemic putting economic pressures on clients, and other challenging issues for lawyers. He included statistics on malpractice claims filed with WILMIC with a specific emphasis on the impact of the pandemic on lawyers representing business struggling to stay afloat.  This Claims Digest focuses on grievances filed with the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) against our policyholders during the pandemic.

WILMIC celebrates 35 years in business

There has been plenty of change, upheaval and progress since the formation of WILMIC in 1986 when Wisconsin lawyers were being priced out of obtaining malpractice insurance.  In the 1990’s, technology innovations were starting to change the legal profession and WILMIC began paying back its bonds to policyholders.  In the 2000’s, an explosion in access to information had a profound effect on client expectations and WILMIC saw tremendous growth.  In the last ten years, we have seen incredible technological change, online business and finally, the coronavirus pandemic.

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