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What Is the Statute of Limitations on Legal Malpractice in Wisconsin?

Are you facing the possibility of a legal malpractice lawsuit in Wisconsin? If so, you should understand how the statute of limitations could apply to your situation and how professional liability insurance from WILMIC can protect you.

How Legal Malpractice Claims Arise

Legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer fails to perform their duties to the expected standard of their profession, resulting in harm to a client. This can happen in several ways. For example, if a lawyer misses a deadline, ignores client instructions, or misuses client funds, their client could have grounds for a malpractice claim. A client who believes their lawyer made a serious mistake might file a lawsuit to seek compensation for their losses. To establish a legal malpractice claim, the client must prove that their lawyer did not meet the required legal standards and that this failure directly caused them harm.

What Is Wisconsin’s Statute of Limitations for Legal Malpractice Lawsuits?

In Wisconsin, legal malpractice lawsuits must commence within six years of the alleged mistake. This six-year statute of limitations applies to claims related to contractual obligations or liabilities from professional services rendered. Every Wisconsin lawyer should know and understand this filing window as it outlines the potential window for facing claims related to professional conduct.

Why Timely Malpractice Coverage Matters

Timely insurance coverage is essential for lawyers because it protects against potential malpractice lawsuits. In Wisconsin, a legal client can file a lawsuit up to six years after an alleged error. If you have malpractice insurance from the start, you ensure you are covered if a client files a claim against you during this period. Staying insured allows you to handle claims more effectively without bearing the full cost of legal defense and settlements alone. Every lawyer should secure and maintain robust malpractice insurance as a fundamental part of their risk management strategy to safeguard their professional practice and financial stability.

How WILMIC Can Help

If a client sues you for legal malpractice, WILMIC is here to help. Founded in 1986 by Wisconsin lawyers, WILMIC provides tailored legal malpractice insurance specifically designed to protect lawyers like you. Our policies cover up to $15 million for errors and omissions and include prior acts coverage from your first day of practice. This means if a claim arises, we can cover the costs of your legal defense, settlements, and any judgments against you.

Our experienced underwriting staff understands that each law firm has unique needs. We work directly with you to choose the best professional liability coverage for your situation. Thousands of attorneys across Wisconsin trust WILMIC not only for our superior claims administration but also for our commitment to the legal community’s financial security. With WILMIC, you can focus on your practice with the confidence that you have comprehensive support against malpractice claims.

Contact WILMIC Now

Ready to learn more about how WILMIC can protect your legal practice? Our team works directly with you to find the right coverage for your needs. Contact WILMIC today to discover how we can support you and your firm against legal malpractice claims in Wisconsin.



What Is the Statute of Limitations on Legal Malpractice in Wisconsin?