Cyber liability insurance will cover your firm’s cost to recover from a data breach, virus, or other cyber-attack. This type of insurance is essential for law firms. Here is why:

Why Firms Need Cyber Liability Insurance

In today’s world, almost everything is stored on computers, phones, tablets, and other forms of technology. These phones and tablets are often transferred from the office to the home. Protecting the private information stored on these devices during a cyber-attack is crucial. Your clients trust you with their personal information, such as address, social security number, and credit card number. Therefore, you must have a protection plan before an unfortunate event occurs.

Are Law Firms Really in Danger?

Yes, law firms are in great danger of a possible cyber-attack. In fact, cybercriminals often target small firms due to their lack of technological sophistication and the confidential information they may be storing.

Consequences of a Cyber-Attack

The possible consequences of a cyber-attack are not minimal. Your firm can suffer hardships due to finances, reputation, client privacy, trust, and even reduced cash flow due to the other elements.

Before you suffer from a cyber-attack, you should have trustworthy cyber-liability coverage. You do not want to have to recover your firm alone. Contact us at (800) 373-3839 to learn about what we offer. Click here to see our website page on cyber liability coverage.