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Top 10 Malpractice Traps

Do not fall into these malpractice traps! Continue reading for the top ten you need to look out for.

1. Missing Deadlines

Do not miss deadlines! Calendaring errors are one of the leading causes of legal malpractice claims. An effortless way to avoid this issue is to make sure your office has a string central calendar and organizational system.

2. Stress and Substance Abuse

Do not let your firm lose its reputation because of a bad attorney. Make sure you are hiring trustworthy people and practicing effective communication skills.

3. Poor Client Relations

Make sure you are always listening to your clients and practicing effective communication with them as well.

4. Ineffective Client Screening

Before taking on a new client, make sure you are doing a proper client screening. This can help to prevent taking on a “bad apple” that may be problematic.

5. Inadequate Research and Investigation

Know your stuff! The ABA stated that over 46% of malpractice claims come from substantive error.

6. Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Matter

Make sure your firm is prepared to identify conflicts of interest or conflicts of matter between the client and the attorney.

7. Inappropriate Involvement in Client Interests

Do not get involved with a client’s entrepreneurial interests. It raises a conflict-of-interest issue and can result in a malpractice claim.

8. Lack of Adequate Documentation of Work

Many missed-deadline errors stem from a lack of work documentation. Make sure your firm is adequately documenting the work that is being done for each client.

9. Zealous Efforts to Collect a Fee

It can be frustrating if a client is not paying your bill. A few ways to avoid this is to file written fee agreements, do not accept clients who cannot pay your bills, bill monthly and record daily time entries.

10. Unwillingness to Believe You May be Sued for Malpractice

Although you may not want to believe it, you could be sued for malpractice. The best thing you can do is stay prepared in case of this unfortunate even by purchasing malpractice insurance. Visit our website here or call us at 800.373.3839 to learn about the policies we offer.



Top 10 Malpractice Traps