Risk Management in Legal Practice

In a profession where every word can hold significant weight, the importance of risk management in legal practice cannot be overstated. For legal practitioners, understanding and mitigating risks is pivotal not only for their own protection but also for safeguarding the interests of their clients and ensuring the smooth operation of the justice system. In […]

Understanding Legal Malpractice Insurance: Why It’s Necessary for Lawyers

In the world of law, just like in any other profession, mistakes can happen. When they do, it’s important for lawyers to have a safety net. This is where legal malpractice insurance comes in.   For lawyers in Wisconsin, having this kind of insurance is not just a smart choice, but it’s also about peace […]

Whoosh! There Goes Another Deadline

In the fast-paced legal world, missing deadlines can lead to serious consequences for both lawyers and clients. Matthew M. Beier underscores the importance of leveraging technology to manage these deadlines, but emphasizes that proper implementation and training are crucial for success. Missed deadlines, while sometimes a result of technological hiccups, can often be circumvented with […]

Understanding 4 Common Cybersecurity Risks Facing Wisconsin Law Firms

In the legal industry, data is everything. Client information, case files, and attorney-client communications are just some of the sensitive data that law firms handle on a daily basis. With all of this data comes a heightened responsibility to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. Unfortunately, law firms are increasingly becoming targets of devastating […]

Demystifying The Grievance Process With OLR

On March 24, the Director of the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation, Timothy Samuelson, and Deputy Director, Francis Sullivan, joined Matt Beier for the first WILMIC Free CLE Friday of 2023. During the presentation, “OLR – Inside the Black Box“, they discussed OLR’s 2021-2022 Annual Report, related Supreme Court Rules, case studies from other jurisdictions, […]

What’s the Toughest Element of Malpractice to Prove?

Often, an attorney’s biggest fear is facing a malpractice claim. Numerous elements are involved, and it can be challenging to prove either side. When filing a malpractice claim, the claimant must prove the following: The existence of an attorney-client relationship. A breach of the lawyer’s duty to the client. Facts constituting the alleged negligence. The breach […]

What Are The Costs Of A Legal Malpractice Claim Without Insurance?

For attorneys, having the right malpractice insurance is essential to protecting yourself and your business from the risks associated with legal malpractice claims. But how much can a legal malpractice claim cost you if you don’t have professional liability insurance? This post will take an in-depth look at the costs of such a claim and what […]

What to Do if Your Practice Is Facing a Legal Malpractice Claim

You may be panicked if you have just received news that a legal malpractice claim has been filed against you. This reaction is understandable, and how you handle things from now can significantly impact the case’s result. Here is what you should do: 1. Contact your malpractice carrier immediately. You should contact your malpractice carrier as soon as […]