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WILMIC Summer Seminar

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Practicing Law In the COVID Era

How the Pandemic Has Changed Family Law and Estate Planning Practices, and

What New Risks May Be Lurking As a Result

Program is free to WILMIC policyholders


Atty. Gregg Herman, Loeb & Herman, S.C.

Atty. Bill Williams, Bell Moore & Richter SC

Atty. Brian Anderson, WILMIC

Atty. Matt Beier, WILMIC


Family Law

Gregg Herman, Matt Beier and Brian Anderson

  • Issues of family law affected by COVID – support orders, mediation, communicating with clients
  • The future of family law practice in light of COVID – where do we go from here? What risks are out there?

Estate Planning – Bill

Williams, Matt Beier and Brian Anderson

  • Getting documents signed – a much different challenge during the pandemic
  • Flexibility in estate plans – responding to the pandemic and likely changes to the tax laws
  • Potential risks ahead
  • Plans that the client no longer considers appropriate
  • Incomplete estate plans
  • Electronic authentication – proposal on e-signing
  • Limiting your scope of work


  • Understanding Your Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Maintaining Competence
  • Client Communication
  • Managing Your Caseload
  • Providing Quality Client Service

Registration & Fees

WILMIC policyholders can attend free of charge. For others, tuition is $75.00.

To register, please email Stephanie Williams at stephanie.williams@wilmic.com or Tom Watson at tom.watson@wilmic.com. They can also be reached by phone at (608) 824-1700.