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WILMIC Board of Directors Elected to Three-year Terms

Four lawyers of the WILMIC Board of Directors were elected to new three-year terms on the WILMIC Board of Directors at the company’s Annual Meeting of Policyholders. John Danner, Tom Schumacher, Kevin Palmersheim and Ariella Schreiber will all serve three-years term on the board.

Atty. Danner has been a member of the WILMIC board since 1998 and serves on the Executive and Investment Committees.

Atty. Schumacher joined the WILMIC board in 2000. He is the chair of the board as well as the Executive Committee, and also serves on the Governance and Long Range Planning Committees.

Atty. Palmersheim has served on the board since 2007, is a former vice-chair of the board, and also serves on the Executive, Investment and 
Governance Committees.

Atty. Schreiber is new to the board and will also serve on the Audit and Governance Committees.

John Danner
Thomas Schumacher
Kevin Palmersheim
Ariella Schreiber