2017 Fall Seminar “Through the Lens of Adversity: Help Clients See Better”

Caryn Sullivan, Chris Rogers, Gregg Herman and Steve Meyer explore how choices, expectations, communication, participation, accountability, and perspective can influence the outcome of a difficult situation and the client’s evaluation of the assistance provided by the lawyer.

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2017 Summer Seminar “Avoiding the Missteps: Debt Collection, Bankruptcy, and Estate Planning – Lawyers Face Many Potential Landmines”

David Krekeler of Krekeler Strother SC, Bill Williams of Bell Moore & Richter SC, WILMIC Senior Claims Attorney Brian Anderson, and WILMIC Claims Attorney Matt Beier discuss debt collection, bankruptcy work, representing clients in estate planning and the malpractice claims in these areas and how lawyers can avoid the common pitfalls.

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2016 Fall Seminar “Cyber Risk – Are You Prepared? Security Issues, E-Trust Accounting and Website Strategy”

Art Saffran of Saffran Technology, Mary Hoeft Smith from the Office of Lawyer Regulation, and Pat McKenna of MojoWeb Productions discuss issues such as cyber risk, cyber security issues, new electronic trust accounting rules and insurance regulations, website strategies, social media, client support and reputation management.

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2016 Summer Seminar “Estate Planning – From Unhappy Beneficiaries to Knowing Your Client”

Atty. Claude Covelli talks about ethical and malpractice tips he has learned from representing lawyers over the years.  Atty. Gregg Auby, Atty. Kristine Snow and Atty. Kevin Demet join Covelli in a panel discussion that includes topics such as knowing your client, understanding your client’s goals, conflicts of interest, missing money, and understanding whose interests you are representing.

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2015 Fall Seminar “Real Estate Practice Since the Recession: What’s Different? What Will Get You Sued?”

Atty. Michelle Behnke, Atty. Cheri Hipenbecker, Atty. Scott Hutchinson, and Atty. Mark Young give presentations and participate in a lively Q&A moderated panel discussion covering topics such as new HUD-required closing forms, disclosure forms, title insurance, contingencies, limited representation and drafting effective engagement letters.

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2015 Summer Seminar “Managing Expectations – From Client Selection to Fee Disputes: Avoiding OLR Complaints and Learning From Mistakes”

Atty. Gregg Herman, Atty. Stephen Hurley and Atty. Megan Phillips discuss topics such as learning from mistakes, general practice pitfalls, first meetings with clients, how to avoid getting sideways with OLR rules, ethics problems, suing for fees and avoiding malpractice and ethical violations.

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2014 Fall Seminar “Solo & Small Firm Roundtable – What Keeps You Awake at Night? Getting the Most Out of Your Practice and Taking On Modern Day Challenges One Step at a Time”

The 2014 Fall Seminar featured to panel discussions of topics that included limited scope representation, fee structures, client selection, communication, ethics, social media, technology, engagement letters, billing and confidentiality.  The panelists were Atty. Richard Cayo, Atty. Cathleen Dettmann, Atty. Diane Diel, Atty. Aviva Kaiser, Atty. Kevin Klein, Atty. Kevin Palmersheim, and Tison Rhine.

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2014 Summer Seminar  “I Want it All and I Want it Now!  Meeting Increasing Client Expectations”

A panel made up of Atty. Ira Zarov, Atty. Jeff Smith, Atty. Shannon Wynn, Atty. Sally Anderson and Atty. Joe McCarthy discuss topics such as confidentiality, communication issues, attorney-client privilege, advertising issues, malpractice claim prevention, social media, unbundled legal services, bartering and engagement letters.

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2013 Fall Seminar “Cyber Risk: Not Just for Large Law Firms – Smaller Law Firms Have It Too and It’s Big!”

The 2013 Fall Seminar featured a presentation by Sandy Hauserman of Digital Risk Resources.  Topics covered included what is cyber insurance, why small to mid-sized law firms need cyber insurance, and examples of the types of cyber losses a law firm can suffer.seminar play button

2013 Summer Seminar “The New Normal: Building a Law Practice in Today’s Economy”

The 2013 WILMIC Summer Seminar discussed topics that are impacting lawyers and their ability to serve clients, run a successful law practice and respond to the changing landscape of the profession. The panel was made up of Atty. Kimberly Alderman, Atty. Gary Bakke, Atty. Johanna Kirk, and Atty. Tom Schumacher.                                                                                                                                                               seminar play button


WILMIC 25th Anniversary Video

This is the story of Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company (WILMIC), a legal malpractice insurance company based in Madison, Wisconsin. This dynamic, evolving company insures Wisconsin lawyers and also offers law practice management and risk management products and services.