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All of our published articles originally appear in Wisconsin Lawyer, the official publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin, and appear here with permission.

When Mistakes Occur, Honesty is the Best (Noninsurance) Policy

Published July 2017

How to resolve a potential error might not be obvious, but one thing is always 100 percent clear:  covering up the mistake is wrong.

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Collections Work: Not for Dabblers

Published June 2017

Use great care with collections cases, or you’ll run the risk of collecting a malpractice claim from a debtor whose rights you’ve violated.

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Engagement Letters – Protection You Don’t Want to Live Without

Published May 2017

Engagement letters are vital to good representation because clients who are well informed from the start are more likely to be satisfied at the end.

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Document Everything: It’s Vital to Managing Risk

Published March 2017

Anything you don’t write down can be used against you. If an unhappy client decides to challenge the results of litigation, a transaction, or some other aspect of a representation, you don’t want to be caught with your head in the sand.

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Top 2016 Malpractice Claims: Resolve to Reduce Risk

Published February 2017

Looking back to what went wrong for some Wisconsin lawyers in 2016 might help you avoid making those same errors or similar ones in 2017.

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