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All of our published articles originally appear inĀ Wisconsin Lawyer, the official publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin, and appear here with permission.

What Is Malpractice ‘Tail’ Coverage?

Published May 2018

It’s vital that your malpractice insurance policy include tail coverage and you know which claims and work will come within the protection it offers.

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A Failure to Communicate: Avert Malpractice Claims

Published March 2018

Poor communication often leads to bad case outcomes and malpractice complaints or grievances. It’s the lawyer’s responsibility to know how and when to talk and listen so that clients understand.

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Reduce Your Malpractice Risk in 2018

Published February 2018

Looking to the past year to see the practice areas most prone to malpractice claims, and why, will help lawyers know what to focus on to sail smoothly through 2018.

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Dear Client: Happy Holidays. Please Pay Your Bill.

Published December 2017

Lawyers can sue clients for fees, but that option should be the last, not the first, in preventing and resolving disagreements about bills.

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Five Common Lawyering Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Published November 2017

The types of errors that most often result in claims or grievances against Wisconsin lawyers are easy to commit but also relatively simple to avert, with good practice management and attention to detail.

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