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All of our published articles originally appear in Wisconsin Lawyer, the official publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin, and appear here with permission.

Refer with Caution

Published December 2010

Referring cases can be lucrative, and getting referrals can help your business as well, but be cautious when seeking a referral fee.  By accepting a fee for the referral, you have accepted joint responsibility for the outcome of the case.  Don’t assume it’s in good hands.

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Lawyers Can Get Scammed, Too

Published September 2010

Some lawyers have fallen victim to recent email scams.  Don’t be the next victim.   Learn the warning signs of fraud, practice a healthy skepticism, and verify who you’re dealing with.  When in doubt, don’t reply!

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Going Solo: What are the risks, challenges?

Published July 2010

More lawyers – both new and established – seem to be giving a try to going solo.  If you’re thinking about hanging out your own shingle, here are some issues to consider and resources for getting started.

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Seven Rules to Avoid Real Estate Malpractice

Published May 2010

Real estate practice generates more malpractice claims than most other areas of practice, second only to plaintiffs’ personal injury work.  Here are seven rules to help you spot – and avoid – potential problems in real estate work.

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10 Tips to Unbundle Legal Services

Published March 2010

Offering unbundled legal services can help attract clients who might be unable or unwilling to pay for legal services in tough economic times, but there are risks.  Here are 10 best-practices tips when taking on limited scope representation.

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