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All of our published articles originally appear in Wisconsin Lawyer, the official publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin, and appear here with permission.

8 Ways to Freshen-Up Your Risk Management Procedures

Published March 2012

Jimmy the Groundhog predicts an early spring, which is a good time to open some windows and take a fresh look at your risk management procedures.

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Scammers Still Targeting Lawyers

Published September 2011

Wisconsin lawyers regularly receive email messages from prospective “clients” whose goal is only to trick the lawyers into transmitting funds to the message senders.  Learn how to spot such messages so that you won’t fall for this 21st-century fraud.

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Learn From Others’ Mistakes

Published July 2011

In this malpractice-claims review, learn what common mistakes are being made – and how to avoid them.

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10 Ways to Avoid Spending Your Deductible

Published May 2011

Here are 10 ways to manage your everyday risk-management strategies to avoid spending your legal-malpractice insurance deductible.

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Lawyers Managing Stress and Anxiety

Published March 2011

Stressors and the anxiety they can cause are an inevitable part of the practice of law.  Wisconsin lawyers offer some tips for countering the pressures of practice:  stop, think, ask for help, and take care of yourself.

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