Additional Benefits for No Additional Premium

Defendant’s Reimbursement Coverage

If a professional liability claim made against you develops into a lawsuit, you may be required to attend a trial or a mediation or arbitration hearing. Defendants Reimbursement Coverage repays your necessary expenses and loss of time up to $250 per day.

Grievance Counsel Coverage

A limited coverage benefit for legal representation in grievance proceedings. The policy offers limited reimbursement for reasonable fees for legal services charged by a lawyer (other than any lawyer insured under your policy) to defend you regarding a grievance. The grievance must allege professional misconduct in performing professional services for others. This benefit does not extend to legal fees or expenses that involve client fee disputes or grievances resulting from a lawyer’s intentional, dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious acts. Payments made do not reduce the policy limit of liability. No deductible applies to this coverage.

Subpoena Coverage

Reimbursement to the named insured for reasonable fees and costs of legal services charged by a lawyer, other than the lawyer insured under this policy who receives a subpoena to produce documents and/or provide testimony related to a wrongful act covered by this policy, provided such insured has not been retained and is not being requested by a party to provide expert testimony in connection with the suit or proceeding in which the subpoena has been issued.