If you have been a WILMIC policyholder during the past 15 years, chances are pretty good you spoke to Jane Harder at one point or another, either by phone, or at a State Bar conference.

As the Underwriting Associate at WILMIC since 2004, Jane has been processing applications, taking phone calls and answering questions from policyholders about their coverage options, and generally keeping the underwriting department running smoothly. Now, she’ll have more time to spend with her family.

Jane will be retiring at the end of April, leaving behind a legacy at WILMIC that will be forever remembered as always putting the policyholders first. “Whenever I am out at a conference or seminar, whether speaking or just meeting with lawyers, inevitably I am asked about Jane,” says Vice President of Claims and Underwriting, Joe McCarthy. “So many lawyers know her from talking to her and getting her help. For many of them, it was at a time when they were up against a deadline, or not sure about how to handle a particular situation, and she helped them figure it out.”

“Jane’s care and concern for our policyholders is what I’ll remember about her. She is a big reason for the reputation we have for customer service. I wish her the very best in retirement,” said Katja Kunzke, WILMIC President and CEO. Jane, and her better half Mike, plan on spending most of their free time hitting the trails with their trusty horses Skip, Dakota and Major.