From the President

President & CEO

Providing you with support and protection - we are all part of the Wisconsin legal community...and it's a contact sport

“Community” – A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

From Superior to Kenosha and everywhere in between, WILMIC is deeply rooted in the Wisconsin legal community, established in 1986 to address the pressing need for accessible lawyers professional liability insurance. Every day, we strive to help Wisconsin lawyers serve their clients, and we are all in this together.  The WILMIC initiative was fueled by the support of Wisconsin lawyers who collectively funded the company’s inception by purchasing bonds. All bonds were paid back by the late 1990s, and WILMIC has been going strong ever since.  Such solidarity by Wisconsin lawyers to help provide malpractice insurance and risk management services to all of their colleagues demonstrated the essence of community within the legal profession. How did we become and remain part of your community? Let me count the ways…

We take our role in the Wisconsin legal community very seriously

Central to WILMIC’s ethos is its integral role in the legal community. Specializing in liability insurance and risk management for law firms and attorneys, WILMIC comprehends the unique challenges faced by legal professionals. This understanding is fostered through WILMIC’s active participation in various legal gatherings, from State Bar committee meetings to seminars and conferences, enabling meaningful dialogues and profound insight into practitioner’s needs.

When I started out as a very green, but eager, news reporter, my first News Director told me the best way to be a great journalist is to get out in the community and talk to people – city and state leaders, community residents, anyone who knows what makes that community tick. That’s how you get the news and inform community residents, he told me, “The news won’t come walking through the newsroom door and fall in your lap.”  Just as a news reporter must engage with the community to uncover stories, WILMIC recognizes the necessity of direct interaction with lawyers to fully grasp their challenges and needs. This commitment is reflected in WILMIC’s presence at diverse legal events statewide, facilitating invaluable connections and a nuanced understanding of the industry.

With 38 years of experience, WILMIC has cultivated expertise in the legal realm, assembling a team of lawyers, insurance specialists, and risk management experts.  This collective knowledge and community involvement ensures tailored insurance solutions that address the evolving risks and liabilities confronting lawyers.

One of the things I learned growing up playing several different sports was that my success as an athlete depended on the success of my team. That meant working with, supporting and helping my teammates. I watched my own two sons learn the same values of being part of a team. We are all part of this team, this community of lawyers, and we take our role in the Wisconsin legal community very seriously. What we do is a contact sport.  We have to know each other, trust each other and be able to rely on each other. That’s why we get our of our office to be where you are and to listen to you.

Unwavering support

Embracing our role as a trusted partner in the legal community, WILMIC prioritizes providing reliable liability insurance solutions to safeguard lawyers and law firms. This commitment is underpinned by a profound dedication to the Wisconsin legal community, evident in the company’s unwavering support and active engagement over the years.

Acknowledging the collaborative nature of success, WILMIC views itself as an integral part of a broader team comprising Wisconsin lawyers. This ethos, akin to the camaraderie experienced in sports teams, underscores the importance of mutual trust and reliance within the legal community.  WILMIC pledges to uphold this trust by consistently safeguarding lawyers’ practices and clients while remaining a steadfast presence in the Wisconsin legal landscape.

In essence, WILMIC’s enduring commitment to the Wisconsin legal community remains unwavering after 38 years.  While the company evolves, its dedication to serving and supporting lawyers persists, ensuring that WILMIC remains a vital cornerstone of the legal profession in Wisconsin.