The same cybersecurity risks that are threats at the office exist when working from home. During the coronavirus pandemic, the threats have jumped in frequency. Experts say phishing scams have increased over the past nine months.

Your law firm handles a significant amount of client data, which you have a legal duty to protect. Law firms have proven to be highly attractive to cyber criminals. The most significant exposure is the theft or loss of personal or corporate information in the firm’s care, custody or control, which includes:

Many law firms work with real estate clients and arrange for the transfer of funds as part of their business practice. In recent years, an increasing percentage of these firms have become victims of eCrime, in particular, wire transfer schemes based on business email compromise or social engineering.

Other exposures for law firms include:

Stay on top of phishing and ransomware – make sure your staff is educated and trained on cybersecurity awareness, so they have the tools to spot these threats. It’s also a time to consider cybersecurity insurance.

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