Mistakes Can Shine Brightly in the Moonlight

When you find yourself with services that are in demand and some extra time on your hands, can you make some extra money moonlighting? Taking on some legal side work may pass ethical muster, but it is crucial to consider your law firm’s policies as well as your malpractice coverage before agreeing to put your […]

The Importance of Communication Cannot Be Overstated

New lawyers, established lawyers, and lawyers on the verge of retirement have something in common: they don’t want legal malpractice lawsuits. No lawyer wants to deal with the costs, hassles, and reputation damage of a lawsuit. We’ve covered ways to avoid malpractice claims before, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to communicate […]

Is Malpractice Insurance Required in Wisconsin?

Although malpractice insurance is not required in Wisconsin, it is strongly advised that attorneys maintain it. By maintaining this type of insurance, you are proving that you are serious about protecting a clients best interest in the event of a mistake that cannot otherwise be corrected without malpractice insurance. WILMC can help you with this […]

Longtime WILMIC CEO Katja Kunzke retiring

Senior Vice President Tom Watson To Succeed Kunzke Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company President and CEO Katja Kunzke is retiring after more than 17 years in the top spot. Kunzke took over the position in June of 2004. She will leave WILMIC as the longest-serving President and CEO in the company’s 35-year history. Kunzke piloted […]

Check Out WILMIC’s Annual Report Video

Many lawyers are still struggling with pandemic-related stress and other health issues. Seeking help can hasten a return to better functioning, personally and professionally.

Co-founder of TrustBooks Software Says It Makes Trust Accounting Easier

The cloud-based program has also now expanded to provide operational accounting for law firms. TrustBooks was created in 2015. It is a cloud-based program that not only makes trust accounting easier for lawyers, and is geared toward legal accounting, it has also now expanded to provide operational accounting for law firms. This is the only […]