Out-of-state Practice: Proceed with Caution!

The best advice for many lawyers contemplating adding new clients or cases is to think globally but practice locally. The risks of expanding beyond your state’s borders to meet clients’ needs include lack of knowing another state’s procedures and laws, getting outside your own comfort zone, and not understanding the jurisdiction in which the case resides.

Bankruptcy Cases: Proceed with Caution

Lawyers unfamiliar with recent bankruptcy law developments risk committing errors that could block their debtor clients’ fresh starts and endanger their own disciplinary records.

Scams and Hackers: They’re Not Going Away!

Cyber criminals might be here to stay, but lawyers and law firms should not put down welcome mats for them. Learn how to protect your firm and its electronic assets from scammers and hackers.

Help for Hanging Out Your Own Shingle

If you’re thinking about going solo, there are many things to consider, from locating an office to developing clients to employing technology to operating your business, and more. Challenging? Yes. Rewarding? Yes. Best of all, you’re not really alone.

Estate Planning: Beware Unhappy Beneficiaries

Although lawyers’ highest duty of care is owed to their own clients, in estate planning matters lawyers must be aware of the malpractice-related risk of disappointing non-client beneficiaries.