WILMIC Board of Directors Elected to Three-year Terms

Four lawyers of the WILMIC Board of Directors were elected to new three-year terms on the WILMIC Board of Directors at the company’s Annual Meeting of Policyholders. John Danner, Tom Schumacher, Kevin Palmersheim and Ariella Schreiber will all serve three-years term on the board.

Claims Digest: Immigration Law

It is clear that immigration attorneys have never been busier, so it is no surprise that WILMIC has seen an increase in claims among its insured immigration attorneys.

Claims Digest: Better Late Than Never? Not So Fast

Practicing law can be fulfilling and satisfying as lawyers help people in need. However, for a variety of reasons, things can sometimes go wrong. In this edition, we look at some of the issues that arise for even the best intentioned lawyers.

Need a Bond? WILMIC Can Help!

Any Wisconsin lawyer who needs a bond can turn to Wisconsin Lawyers Bond Agency LLC for help. The Bar Plan offers 24-hour turnaround, very competitive rates, and easily accessible representatives to handle the application and underwriting process.