Collections Work: Not for Dabblers

Use great care with collections cases, or you’ll run the risk of collecting a malpractice claim from a debtor whose rights you’ve violated.

Document Everything: It’s Vital to Managing Risk

Anything you don’t write down can be used against you. If an unhappy client decides to challenge the results of litigation, a transaction, or some other aspect of a representation, you don’t want to be caught with your head in the sand.

Family Law Practice – Beware the Danger Signs

Family law has become a more hazardous practice area for Wisconsin lawyers, at least as measured by one insurer’s record-keeping. Learn more about the dangers so you can increase the likelihood of having satisfied clients who understand their cases and willingly pay your fees.

Malpractice Trends: Claims Decline with Proper Technology Use

An ABA study shows technology innovations may be helping lawyers reduce administrative errors, but risk management is still important. If technology is not used properly, or if lawyers’ record-keeping is sloppy, a malpractice claim might be just around the corner.

Out-of-state Practice: Proceed with Caution!

The best advice for many lawyers contemplating adding new clients or cases is to think globally but practice locally. The risks of expanding beyond your state’s borders to meet clients’ needs include lack of knowing another state’s procedures and laws, getting outside your own comfort zone, and not understanding the jurisdiction in which the case resides.

Bankruptcy Cases: Proceed with Caution

Lawyers unfamiliar with recent bankruptcy law developments risk committing errors that could block their debtor clients’ fresh starts and endanger their own disciplinary records.