Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Malpractice Claim

You can reduce the chances of being among the many lawyers who have to use their malpractice insurance by integrating these risk-education approaches into your practice.

A Failure to Communicate: Avert Malpractice Claims

Poor communication often leads to bad case outcomes and malpractice complaints or grievances. It’s the lawyer’s responsibility to know how and when to talk and listen so that clients understand.

Reduce Your Malpractice Risk in 2018

Getting the new year off to a good start might go a long way toward having a successful and prosperous 2018, so let’s review 2017 malpractice claims that came into WILMIC so you can determine ways in which you might want to improve your practice in 2018.

Caution: Consumer Protection Law Is Complex

Entire practices can be built on the prosecution of consumer protection, but lawyers doing this complex work should be as careful as buyers wish they had been before their purchases went bad.