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All of our published articles originally appear inĀ Wisconsin Lawyer, the official publication of the State Bar of Wisconsin, and appear here with permission.

Law Firm Boot Camp: Hanging Out Your Own Shingle

Published July 2014

Taking the plunge into law firm ownership might be scary, but braving the challenges can be rewarding.

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Protect Yourself and Your Clients: Review Your Malpractice Policy

Published June 2014

Reporting to your malpractice insurer all malpractice claims and all issues that might become claims is one of the best ways to ensure continuation of your coverage and minimize negative results of the claims.

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FAQs: Relying on Experts and Other Attorneys When Advising Clients

Published May 2014

Lawyers have an obligation to obtain information from other professionals when necessary to competently represent clients, but ensuring the accuracy and reliability of that information is also part of lawyers’ duty to their clients.

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An Ounce of Prevention: Examine Administrative Processes Now

Published March 2014

Even lawyers with tight schedules will reduce their malpractice risk by taking the time to ensure that they and staff members are effectively using the most appropriate practice-management software and technologies for their practices.

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Avoid Frequent Malpractice Risks in 2014

Published February 2014

Lawyers might unintentionally expose themselves to malpractice liability through insufficient caution or lack of care with case-management details in many situations, including when settling claims, helping clients with business deals, or failing to comply with statutes of limitation.

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