Cyber Liability Coverage

What Would You Do If You Lost Sensitive Client Information?
How are you protecting client and employee information?

Important, confidential information can be lost for a variety of reasons:

  • Data breach due to hackers
  • Careless disposal of client records
  • Theft of mobile devices or misuse of internal security protocols

Policies available from Aspen American Insurance Company

Three important cyber coverages:

Breach Notice Coverage:
Provides for costs incurred by a business to comply with the legal obligations of privacy breach notice laws.

Privacy Liability
Covers 3rd party liability loss of Personally Identifiable Information.

Security Breach Liability
Covers 3rd party damages from computer security breaches such as virus and hacker attacks.

Available Limits and Deductibles
$50,000 ($1,000 deductible), $100,000 ($1,500 deductible), $250,000 ($2,500 deductible), $500,000 ($2,500 deductible), $1,000,000 ($5,000 deductible)

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Cyber Liability Insurance